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About Cheryl

Cheryl SpaterCheryl Spater is a California girl. Born in San Francisco, raised in Marin County, she has been organizing since she was born and inherited this valuable skill from her father.  On the other hand her mom was the Queen of Clutter.  Cheryl organized her first Estate Sale when she was in her 20’s – her grandparent’s estate – so she does understand the emotional aspects of getting and staying organized.

She has been serving the Bay Area and Northern counties since 2000.  Cheryl has worked with clients from 8 to 94 years young.  Her goal with all her clients is knowing that they can get and stay organized.  She creates customized systems to work within their lifestyles and needs. She does this by listening to them and holds each client accountable for moving from chaos and stress into calm and control.

It takes 21 days to learn a new habit and often if you are not held accountable it could take you years to gain control. Cheryl is a motivational organizer, often giving her clients homework and checking in to see what progress they have made.  If they are not moving forward, she will refine and work with each client to help them achieve their goals.


“Cheryl provides extraordinary service for any kind of organization or sorting process. Not only is she knowledgeable about methods, but she has the rare combination of understanding needs from both a practical and psychological perspective so she can help you find where you're stuck and how to get unstuck. I've also learned valuable tools from her which continue to help me in ongoing organization of my house, office and life.
Patty Wolfe
Singer, songwriter, philanthropist

"Cheryl has worked for me for five years. In that time, she has shown herself to be completely reliable and trustworthy. Cheryl does an excellent job of communicating the scope of her work and then does an excellent job of executing. She recently came to my rescue when I had only 30 days notice of a move. Cheryl came and packed and unpacked! She knew how I wanted things organized from having observed my own organization (or lack of it) over so many years. I highly recommend Cheryl. She absolutely delivers what she promises."     
Diane L. Doubleday

Mercer Human Resource Consulting

"I have worked with Cheryl for over two years. With what we have done together, Cheryl has helped to unclutter both my mind and my home. Whether inventorying items or locating important papers, she has always been discrete and sensitive to the process. She is reliable and dependable – someone I can definitely count on."

Connie Steiner
Widow with 12-year old son

"I called Cheryl for help since I couldn't take it any more. I told her I needed her NOW and she came to put out the fire!
Cheryl gave me permission to throw out the clutter, and she showed me how to do it. The tips and tools I have learned from her have been truly beneficial. And her solution to my many phone messages has reduced my stressful life. She gave me clarity and now I am able to stick to my guns and be more efficient."
Mary Singler
Mortgage Broker

“I give high marks to Cheryl. After a recent move to Northern California, Cheryl helped get my office up and running which allowed me to hit the floor running as I launched my business. We were also able to go through 25 years of stuff that had accumulated in very quick fashion. A true professional!”
Caren Glasser
Founder, Promote your Passion

“I am paper phobic and always saw myself as scattered and disorganized.  Working with Cheryl gave me a fresh perspective on how to organize my papers and my life as she saw my traits not as disorganized and chaotic, but rather creative.  Cheryl then intently observed my patterns and created a system that I could manage on my own. With an occasional tune up I am now able to manage my paper work with relative ease on my own.” 
Michael Bock 
Master woodworker, philanthropist

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